How to Replace Office Chair Wheels

September 02, 2017

How to Replace Office Chair Wheels

Office Chair Wheel Replace

Almost every rolling office chair has wheels that can easily be removed and replaced.

And almost every one of those chairs (like the one you are probably sitting in right now) comes with cheap, low quality caster wheels. So in most cases, it makes a lot of sense to swap them out with other wheels.

Check out this article that breaks down the different chair wheels types - and why it makes sense to replace your current ones.

Replacing your chair wheels is very simple, takes only a few minutes, and doesn’t require any tools.

Step 1 -  Do Your New Wheels Fit Your Chair?

About 95% of office chairs have wheels with a 7/16” grip ring style stem. So your chances are good that you can just replace the wheels on your office chair with this type.

The Office Oasis currently only carries these common stem wheels. But if your purchased wheels do not fit your chair - we’ll give you a full refund and even pay for the return shipping.

Check out our rollerblade office chair wheels

rollerblade office chair wheels

If you want to be completely sure before buying, we have put together a list of common office chairs and their compatible caster stem type here.

Don’t see your chair on the list? Measure your stem type and size yourself.

Step 2 - Remove Old Wheels

After verifying the chair wheel stems are the common grip ring type, proceed by removing all of the wheels from the chair base.

This can be accomplished by pulling the wheel straight out of the chair base socket. Some wheels may require some extra force and you may want to use an old towel or gloves to get a better grip on each caster wheel.

Remove Chair Wheels


Step 3 - Install New Wheels

Install the new chair wheels by pushing the caster stem all the way into the chair base socket.

Install Chair Wheels

It is possible that the stem size is compatible with the chair base, but you are still having trouble inserting it. This could be due to the grip ring on the top of the stem. This ring is meant to be compressed and it's what holds the wheel in place once inserted into the chair. So if the stem goes into the socket hole, but stops at the grip ring, try the following:

  1. Lightly apply a lubricant jelly or some WD-40 directly to the grip ring.
  2. Compress the grip ring with some pliers.


If you have any other questions or need additional help with your office chair wheels, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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